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Tarot Readings

I’ve done some Tarot Readings recently and I can honestly say I am highly confident with my skills. I am not like your traditional tarot reader, I do my own readings based on the emotion of the person I am doing the reading for and I help them find answers on what they are asking for in terms of their own personal obstacles. I love helping people and giving my previous Tarot Readers guidance and a sense of relief when they feel lost. As humans we all need hope and something to believe in. First and foremost, we all have to believe in ourselves– we have to take care of our minds, our bodies, and our souls.

My name is Hazelle T and I am here to assist you. Send me a message or comment below to request for a Tarot Reading, My readings are 30 minutes for $90.00 a session, but for the first 50 Sign Ups for a Tarot Reading is now $30.00.

Disclosure: I do not tell the future. I can only assist you with answers you are looking for. Every outcome is every decision you make. I am not responsible for your decisions. You are your own person. Be wise, be kind, and be love.

Thank you.


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