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Change your mind, Change your life

I feel pretty positive about where I am heading towards in life. It took me a long time to realize that my path is my own and no one has the right to tell me where I need to go. My mind is at peace with myself and I have much more positive energy. I believe my positive energy is influencing some of my friends.

I did a tarot reading on my friend and he’s a Chef. He has such big goals about his career as a Professional Chef and what he is doing now is absolutely perfectly on the right path. He was so happy with the cards that were drawn. There are so many things ahead of him that in the end he will celebrate all that he has worked hard for. Everything he is doing now is just stepping stones to where he needs to be and I am so happy for him. He left home feeling so happy and so positive about his career path.

I got home and I feel pretty good about myself too. I have my own goals as well.

I started doing one mile everyday at the gym whether it’s walking, jogging, running, crawling, just do one mile or more. I started taking some supplements to burn fat faster and probiotics as well. I have done this for three weeks now and I so far I have lost 12 lbs. I am so happy with myself. I stopped over eating so much and started eating better. I started drinking A LOT of water. Occasionally I’ll have a soda, but I hardly finish Coke & Pepsi, I started to enjoy drinking Sprite or Ginger Ale more, they don’t make me feel bloated as much.

My goal is to slim down and weight at least between 110 – 95 lbs. I have a long way to go, but the journey will all be worth it just like any aspect in my life. I am going to do better and bigger things that will make me happy.


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