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When I heard about Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington had passed away, I’ve read many comments that depressed people and suicidal people are being called “selfish”… I felt upset..

I felt upset that people in this world have no compassion, no sympathy for those who are suffering in silence. Depression is more than just being sad– it’s a battle of constant exhaustion with ourselves– physically, emotionally and mentally where everything and everyone just sucks. It’s not about who’s living a life worse. No, everyone experiences a kind of worse type of life, and people don’t understand just how real this is. Depression is within ourselves. Most people know how to handle it while there are most others who are struggling to fight it. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are always asking about people with depression leads to suicide “How could they just take their own life like that?” I remember wanting to make them understand when they said “They are so selfish for killing themselves.” A lot of people have looked at this from a religious point of view instead of setting all of that aside, instead of trying to understand why they did what they did. I’m not saying it was justice, but their depression had them fed up with the kind of life they were living and didn’t find any reason to live anymore. While yes, there are many reasons to live for, there are those who are unfortunate enough to not know or feel that kind of luxury. So if there’s anyone you love who is going through depression, reach out by spending time with them, make them feel loved, ask how they are doing, do whatever you can to ensure that they are living life the way most of us all want and need to be: Happy and Loved.


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