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What goes around, comes around…

I’ve been struggling with someone I know that I work closely with. This person has been giving me a hard time ever since this person got hired. Unlucky for this person, I was told by someone else that this person had gotten in trouble with some other co-worker of ours. I felt bad for this person, but at the same time I shouldn’t because no matter how patiently annoyed I am with this person I know what comes around goes around. I strongly dislike this person for how this person speaks to me as if this person is my supervisor– I barely look and speak to this person. I was so close to snapping at this person because I am so annoyed and fed with their b.s. –however, good thing I didn’t have to do or say anything really. I am not the only one who finds this person annoying. I am tired of this. Some days I just want to quit my job and find a new one, but I don’t want to because I care about my job, I love the other people I work with, and for what? for one person? This person does not pay my bills. I’m doing my best to always stay positive. I smile at other people and I do my job well. I suppose as I’m writing this I realize that this person shouldn’t affect me this much and why should I care? I guess I should check my own ego. I can be a hot head at times. Hahah. I can do better. I can be a better person than feel like a negative person, than a sad little flower. I can be happier.


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