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I realize that it has been weeks since my last blog and now that I’m back I must admit things weren’t going so well for me these last couple of weeks. I felt a lot of anxiety and anxiousness and even went through a blue phase (sad). You know how you were close to someone once and then you see photographs of them with someone else online it makes you think about why things happened the way they did. Don’t get me wrong we are friends, but not as close as we used to before. It makes me wonder why wasn’t it me that he chose? But then I realized the universe sent me to him so he would learn to be a better person and choose the right girl even though the girl he chose wasn’t me. I am proud of him for growing up. I was sad to see those photographs, but I am happy to see that he’s happy with someone he loves. I pray for him and for his future. After going through that whole ordeal, I noticed I was doing it again….. Putting everyone’s happiness before my own.. My own happiness is on the line… I must take care of myself.

I listened to a hypnosis audio: one, for a deep relaxation and the other, was for happiness and confidence. I can’t say that it exactly worked, but I am less stressed and anxious than I was when I woke up this morning.

Some days I just feel absolutely stressed out and other days I am okay.

I am trying to learn how to deal with my stress because it’s not healthy for me.

Physically and mentally.



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