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Star Crossed

It has been one helluva week..

The cards have spoken to me. I feel relieved, at ease, and happy with what’s to come. I just need to have faith and more patience than ever.

Recently I’ve rediscovered myself in a sense with a certain individual who’s shown me that there are aspects in my own life that I must let go of in order to obtain what I am hoping for in the future. The same goes for him considering we were both doing each other’s card readings. It was fun and interesting to say the least. I’ve never met anyone who’d be interested in such things. I’ve scared a lot of people by being myself, but with this person, I don’t have to hide. I’m beginning to embrace myself more.

I’ve been so stressed out with so much and this person has been there for me backing me up, and I’d be this person’s confidant when there was a troubling occurrence.

I noticed something in this person’s eyes… there were white orbs, a sort of light within, but perhaps I’m over thinking like I always do. I feel like our souls have met before. The way my name is being said. The way our eyes meet. The smiles and laughter between one another. I believe this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

This person’s inspired me to take hold and control over my own life.

I needed inspiration. I needed support. I feel myself when I’m with this person and I don’t have to hide. I can be this little short, chubby, girl around him. Whatever the future lies ahead, or however fate wants us, I’m very glad we met.


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