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Grapple + Love + Dream = GraploDream

Hello my beautiful and wonderful Flowers!

A friend of mine started his own online clothing brand: Graplo –as a creative expression for his love for grapple. Grapple + Love = Graplo. 

Please check out the website:

In all sincerity, I had to do some research about this type of skill this is in martial arts.

Grapple is to engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons, kinda like wrestling. Grappling is a reference to many techniques, maneuvers that is practiced both as self-defense and in combat sports. Applying all hand-to-hand combat as improving position, escaping, submitting, and/or injury to the opponent, ( but striking and use of weapons is not included ) to the opponent to gain a physical advantage; However, some martial arts or fighting styles known teach with weapons along side or combined with grappling.

Thanks for reading~


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