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Character Introduction: #1 – Damian Warren [Owner: Ranelle Gliceria]

I will be creating new writing content that I plan to turn into a Novel in the near-future.

I will love to first introduce Damian Warren, he is a well-known celebrity with singing, dancing, and acting talents; He owns his own businesses and a large hospitality company that assists with aspiring talents and other celebrities for Recording Studios, Video Shoots, Hotel & Spa Getaway, or a place to practice.

When he’s not working he’s actually working saving lives by hunting down the Nefarious– creatures of the Underworld in all shapes and forms. His active abilities come from his inner strength being born a hybrid Demon, Angel, and Witch. ( Mother: Eumilia Blackheart, born half Angel and half Witch and his Father, Helios Blackheart, hybrid born of half Demon and half Witch ). His parents were punished by death from those who did not approve of their relationship and of his birth. (Eumilia and Helios were not blood related, but Eumilia’s family took Helios in when he was abandoned as a child. ) He was rescued by The Seraphim Warriors of the M.S.A. ( Magickal Society Alliance ) organized by the Aurakai Elders of the Magickal Community.

The Seraphim’s Elder and Elite Guardian, Gabriel Seraphiel accepted Damian into the family and his eldest son, Archibald, took him in, raised him like a son, and trained him to one day be a Warrior; however, the Aurakai Elders objected to their decision and demanded Damian to be “put down”. Gabriel and Archibald explained to them that Damian is not a threat or danger to their family or others.

The Aurakai Elders took drastic measures seeking out a powerful sorceress, Lillith, creating a spell that would kill him. Damian was tricked into thinking he would be in a ceremony of commencement to become a Guardian and earn his wings, but instead he was tortured and beaten.

When The Seraphiel Family heard of this “Ceremony of Commencement” they immediately rushed to his side seeing him near to death. Their greatest ally and powerful sorcerer, Romulus, countered Lillith’s spell saving Damian, but the spell triggered something dangerous out of Damian. Lillith saw the opportunity and created a barrier wall between them, leaving the Aurakai Elders trapped with a very different, very dangerous Damian– His eyes were pure black, his skin were covered in black markings, his hands were in forms of claws, his body was slouched, almost creature-like. Damian became the monster the Aurakai Elders feared.

Romulus was able to breach the barrier and used a spell to bind Damian’s demon half within an enchanted pendant, but it was too late… He killed them all. His hands covered in their blood. His family at disbelief with everything they witnessed they tried to reach out to him, but he was angry with himself and with them for not coming to save him.

He noticed the pendant around his neck could not be removed and demanded Romulus to remove it. Romulus stood there and stared at him. Damian attempted to use his powers to remove it, but he had very little energy and realized Lillith was removing pieces of his soul to weaken his abilities to draw out the darkness within him.         Romulus says to him: “The pendant will guide you and you will guide the pendant. Find its owner and that person will find your powers along with it.” before disappearing before their very eyes. Damian used the last ounce of his powers and vanished from his family, broken and alone.

Hundreds of years passed… Damian Blackheart to Damian Seraphiel became who he is now: Damian Warren.


Thank you for reading my flowers!

XoXo -Ranelle Gliceria


[ The Nightingale: By Ranelle Gliceria ]



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