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Tarot Card Readings

So I own my set of Tarot Cards and every now and then I do readings for myself. I used to do readings for random people when I was a teenager, but I think it’s best if I keep things to myself. I might have scared some people with the knowledge I had about them and whether they choose to believe in the advice I had given them, their actions speak through on what they decide. When it comes to reading my own Cards for myself, I find it difficult to translate what the spirit of the cards are trying to tell me. I’ve come to realize I have been asking the wrong kinds of questions. It’s too specific. For one, the future can change everyday based off of what can happen each day. On the daily, my life seems repetitive, it’s actually different and I’ve noticed certain things I do I had to change certain habits.

I’m always intuitive when it comes to knowing something is going to happen but I tend to ignore it until it happens because I stress over it and my energy is overwhelmed with exhaustion which from the outside perspective I look angry or tired or sad. And it’s true! it could be either of the three emotions haha or hungry. Yeah, such a typical girl, I know!

All jokes aside, it’s interesting how a lot of us have something we believe in. Spiritually, everyone in this day and age has their own religion and there are those like me who are learning about the universal nature of faith, beliefs, etc. I know there is a higher power greater than our own. Greater than the human race and greater than the universe altogether.

I like to believe in myself because for a long time I didn’t believe I could do anything better than I did 7 years ago. I now know I can do better than this life I currently have. I believe that I can change. I believe in myself. You can too. Whatever you believe in, always remember to believe in yourself. Sometimes you are all that you have. So take care of yourself and then you can take care of others around you.

Even a flower needs room to grow. That’s what you are– a unique, beautiful flower that just needs time to rest, grow, and become its own purpose.


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