When A Flower Gets Sick…

I went to visit my doctor earlier today because I wasn’t feeling too well last night. I woke up at 3:00 AM and ran to the bathroom to vomit… Sorry, too much information, T.M.I. There are too many things such as food that I am allergic to, but I didn’t think my food allergies would get any worse. I slept it off, hoping it would help ease the pain. My doctor gave me some medicine for my stomach ache and it helped that I was able to eat my first decent dinner meal– the only thing I was able to eat for brunch was a strawberry flavored jello and less than half of a cup of water to drink. My stomach still feels horrible but not as worse as it did last evening. 

After leaving my Doctors, I realized that I haven’t been making myself better health-wise. I haven’t made better decisions in regards to my healthy lifestyle and I need to change that. I hardly drink alcoholic beverages anyway so I’m okay there. Now I have to stop eating so much spicy food plus junk food that includes: chips, fast foods, donuts, etc. I need to eat CLEAN. On top of that I need to lose weight. The last time I went to my doctors, I weighed 180lbs and that is my heaviest. Within 2 months, I lost 4lbs which I am disappointed in myself that I thought I had lost more than that. Now I have a goal. I have to take care of myself.

It’s hard whenever I get sick, I hate getting sick, and when I’m sick I feel like I am dying. No more feeling like this. I don’t like to feel weak. It’s not like me to feel like this. And I am better than this. 

I will come up with a plan to eat healthier and become healthier in state of mind. I can and I will. 


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